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4131 days ago

The personal website of Brian W. Ogilvie, a professional historian of science, amateur photographer, and recreational bicyclist. I’m using Textpattern as a content management system to drive the site. At present writing (January 2013) I’m relearning how Textpattern works. I plan to fool around with the site for a while, so on the off chance that you’re reading this, don’t be surprised if things change. Feel free to leave me a note here or drop a line to

If you’re looking for Brian Ogilvie the New York City actor, visit his website. If you’re looking for Brian Ogilvie the jazz saxophonist, I regret to inform you that he is deceased. My first cousin once removed, also named Brian Ogilvie, is also deceased. If you’re looking for some other Brian Ogilvie, I’m sorry I can’t help. You can find the retired hockey player’s statistics on the Internet.

Brian W. Ogilvie


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