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March training update | Brian W. Ogilvie

March training update

Apr 3, 04:09 PM

New milestones in March, and at the date of this writing, only three weeks until my 200K brevet. Yikes!

March results

I basically met my training goals in March, as I did in February. Two early March training sessions were on rollers; otherwise, I was outdoors, in good and bad weather.

  • Week of March 1: 25 miles outdoors during the week, and 21 on rollers. On the weekend I did a 21-mile ride with Jennifer Saturday, then a 45.8-mile ride by myself on Sunday.
  • Week of March 8: 40 miles during the week, and a 50-mile ride on the weekend.
  • Week of March 15: 43 miles on Tuesday and Sunday; due to a trip to New Haven on the weekend, I did my long ride—62 miles, a metric century—on Wednesday (we were on spring break). It was the first week I have ridden more than 100 miles since last summer.
  • Week of March 22: 38 miles during the week, and a 71.5-mile ride on the weekend.
  • Week of March 29: I’ll report on this week in April, since the bulk of my riding was done Thursday through Sunday, April 1-4.

The metric century, as I reported earlier, was a challenging ride for me, with about 3500 feet of vertical elevation, much of it in a long stretch along Route 9 from Williamsburg to Goshen. The 45-mile ride on March 7 also had a lot of climbing. My March 28 long ride was fairly flat. Still, the hills seem to be getting easier.

Goals for April

  • Continue to maintain my base
  • Increase my long rides: 80 miles on April 4, and a century on the weekend of April 10
  • Do a couple of hill workouts in the weeks of April 5 and April 12, in hopes of building up some additional strength
  • Do a shorter long ride a week before the brevet, and taper after that
  • Ride the Shelburne Falls 200K on April 24

After the 200K—maybe a couple days after it—I’ll decide whether it’s worth registering for the 300K on May 8….

Brian W. Ogilvie



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