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More progress on the Boulder All Road; some rides coming up | Brian W. Ogilvie

More progress on the Boulder All Road; some rides coming up

May 16, 11:09 AM

Now that the semester is over, I’m back to working on the Boulder All Road. Yesterday I installed the bottom bracket, greased the tapers (per the crank manufacturer’s recommendation), and started to install the cranks. I didn’t get very far, though, because the torque wrench I inherited from my father has a 1/4” driver, and though I have my own socket set plus the larger set that he owned, neither of them has a 1/4” to 3/8” adapter.

I’m not sure I trust the torque wrench, anyway. I’m not sure it was dialed down to zero tension, in which case the spring might have set. I might buy a cheap needle-style wrench, just to be sure—better to spend a few extra dollars than wreck a crankset!

Some upcoming rides

Once the All Road is ready to ride, I have places to ride it! I’m signed up for the 100 Miles of Nowhere on or around June 1, the 115K version of D2R2 (the Deerfield Dirt-Road RandonnĂ©e) on August 24, and the 170K Great River Ride on October 13. D2R2 is shorter, but the 115K version has over 8,000 feet of climbing; there are 150K and 180K options, but since I’m still heavy and haven’t gotten too much climbing in yet this year, I wanted to start off easy(ish).

Still losing weight: about 20 lbs. since January 7.

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