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Our 7-day tour in the Netherlands | Brian W. Ogilvie

Our 7-day tour in the Netherlands

Jul 21, 04:19 PM

I haven’t blogged here much lately (obviously). It’s been a low priority compared with work and with planning to spend 14 months overseas.

A couple of cycling-related things to note, though:

1. Jennifer and I did a 7-day bike tour of the Netherlands in June and July. The trip narrative is online at

2. We hosted our first guests this July—a couple of South Korean cyclists who have been traveling around Europe for four months. We put them up in the Oxford college that houses our summer program and took them out for a couple of pints and a pub dinner. Lovely, charming people. I admire their gumption in traveling from Istanbul to Spain, then over to Ireland and England.

I’ll be doing some more cycling this summer and over the 10 months, from Sept. 2011 through June 2012, when I’ll be based in Paris. I’ll try to blog the interesting bits here. And ultimately I hope to turn this site into more of a home on the Internet range, if time and technical skills allow.

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