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Warmer and longer | Brian W. Ogilvie

Warmer and longer

Feb 20, 08:29 PM

It was warm today: above 40 F, and it was sunny until around 2:30. I got in 35 miles: 13 with Jennifer on a familiar loop up to Plumtree Road in Sunderland, and then another 22 riding up to Leverett and back. On the first part we had sun and 10-15 mph winds from the northwest. On the second part, the clouds grew thicker, the temperature dropped, and the winds picked up and shifted more toward the west. Of course I was going west on the way back….

Last week I was overdressed, especially on top. I swapped out the wool jersey for a lightweight wicking one, and replaced the rain jacket with a VERY bright yellow breathable jacket. The result was much comfier, despite the wind.

This week I put in 75 miles total—40 during the week on rollers. Next week we’ll be in Savannah (GA) and Charleston (SC) for a one-day vacation followed by a conference. I’m taking my Bike Friday Tikit (folding bike) but I plan to take it easy. After increasing my mileage from 55 to 75 in the last three weeks it’s time to ease off for a week. Still, I hope I can get a good long ride in next weekend before we come back.

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