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A bike ride up to Conway, June 27, 2014 | Brian W. Ogilvie

A bike ride up to Conway, June 27, 2014

Jun 28, 01:26 PM

Jennifer and I took off a bit of Friday afternoon to do a 42.75-mile ride up to Conway and back. I took a camera and put together a photo album of the ride. The photo titles and captions tell most of the story.

From our house, we rode up to Stockwell, down Route 47 and North Lane to the Hadley Common, then took the Norwottuck and Northampton bike trails to Look Park and Leeds. Then we took Audubon Road/South Street to Williamsburg, then Nash Hill Road to Whately Road (partially closed, but passable to bikes) to the Northampton Reservoir. Thence we rode north to Conway and back to South Deerfield on 116. After creemees in the village, we took Sugarloaf St. to 116, back to 47, and then around Mount Warner on Stockbridge and Maple. The complete route map is available on Strava.

Brian W. Ogilvie



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