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Crazy busy spring | Brian W. Ogilvie

Crazy busy spring

Apr 2, 10:42 PM

I expected spring to be busy, but not quite this busy. Teaching a new course (World History since 1500—nothing too temerarious!), chairing my department personnel committee, and spending two weeks in Europe for lectures and presentations, followed by a weekend conference, didn’t help any. And I took up running again.

The upshot is that doing things has taken precedence over blogging them. But I did want to note that I did my first club bike ride today, the C ride with the Northampton Cycling Club. It was fun, though not much of a challenge at this stage of the season (since I did a lot of cycling on rollers over the winter, and took up running). My travel and conference schedule has meant that I couldn’t do the Berkshire Brevets 100K or 200K this spring. But I’ve registered for the D2R2 115K in August, and I plan to repeat the Great River Ride in October, so I need to get in some long rides. If I do the C rides, plus the 15-mile round trip from my home to the Academy of Music, that should get me in shape!

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