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What I did during my summer vacation | Brian W. Ogilvie

What I did during my summer vacation

Sep 8, 10:21 PM

I certainly wasn’t posting here. Of course the dearth of comments and emails suggests that no one has been reading this anyway. But in case anyone is still out there, I wrote a Crazyguyonabike journal for the 9-day bike tour that I did in Ireland this August:

It has a narrative, with perhaps too much detail, along with a bunch of photos of gorgeous Irish landscapes and some quirky things I saw during the tour.

Brian W. Ogilvie



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  1. I’ve started reading your CrazyGuy journal hoping to gleam some pointers. My wife and I are hoping to ride out of Belfast and do a short circuit around NI in a year or two. We where planning on doing a self guided ramble and doing our own planning.

    Would you suggest bringing your own bike or renting. I’m a bit uneasy about baggage handlers tossing my beloved around (I’m talking about my bike of course).

    Thanks, Jack

    The Velo Hobo · Sep 27, 05:56 PM · #

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